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It's an ingenious solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place

aww shit it's
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Emma has been making things unnecessarily difficult for herself and everyone around her since 1985; an unbroken streak that looks to be carried far into the future.

She has recently learned how to spell 'necessary' and 'occasionally' in the correct way by reciting "it is necessary to wear one collar and two socks, but occasionally you wear two collars and one sock". This is the best she has to give.

Emma began life as a beachcomber's daughter, prising ammonites from the cliff faces of the British coastline. Now she makes a successful living spinning the sugar on the tops of fancy desserts. She has a wonderful tattoo and can always be counted upon to bring exciting things to parties. - h4nchan

Emma will never give you up. Emma will never let you down. Emma will never run around and desert you. Emma will never make you cry. Emma will never say goodbye. However, Emma will tell a lie and hurt you. You just have to make the best of that bit of the relationship. - strangeumbrella

That thing you thought was funny and repeated to all your friends was probably Emma's idea in the first place. She is the writers' writer and the comedians' comedian. - apiphile

Emma word make good. Good word nice. Loz like word. - lo0o0ony_lauren

Any icons I'm using that aren't credited to someone else are mine and free for ganking. Credit's always nice.