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aww shit it's

Have you ever looked at a tiger and thought you ought to put it in a skirt and little hat?

I attended wedding at the weekend! I do enjoy a good wedding, preferably from the periphery. A lot of the weddings I have seen or been a part of have been just the most spectacular ball-ache to organise.

I wore a dress that most people agreed was 'very blue'.

As a treat you can have a picture of the larger majority of my head (to the right). I'm invading the personal space of captainlogic

So I also feel like I've achieved something at work. I was asked to get some student blogs going for our University. I managed to recruit, vet, hire and train students, I pushed all the paperwork through HR and finance, and I made a god damn website to house the things in. (Thanks Squarespace! Thanks Answer Me This!). And now the students are writing blogs and being a delight to work with, and people are visiting the website and it is done it is d o n e.

But enough of this bullshit Emma, you cry, let's move on to more important topics - who is your favourite clone?

Very convenient you asked that I was just thinking on the subject. After a while of debating between Sarah and Alison I have come down on the side of Alison Hendrix as my most favourite. Alison, for those who don't watch, is an alcoholic control-freak with much too much invested in keeping up an acceptable persona in public, but whose life is slowly spiraling apart in front of her.

No, you're hilariously predictable.
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