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“Yeah, but what if you went back and killed your own grandfather?" "Why the fuck would you do that?”

While I'm talking of sad, stranded time travellers...

(...Emma that was two weeks ago...)

WHILE I'M TALKING OF SAD, STRANDED TIME TRAVELLERS...Shaun Evans' Morse being stuck in modern day Lewis would be pretty great, wouldn't it?

Morse failing to deal with 2014; Lewis failing to deal with tiny young Morse. Hathaway could be the most well-adjusted for once.

...Morse and Hathaway getting on a little too well. Lewis despairing quietly in the corner...

I think what I am trying to say with this is that I am really enjoying Endeavour. I read something in The Independent about Shaun Evans not trying to imitate John Thaw's voice, so instead lifted the accent off Michael Palin, who came from Sheffield and studied at Oxford. I don't quite know why that is as ruining as it is.

Also I have finished The Charioteer. Here are my thoughts.

1. Renault's ability to write in blistering accuracy thoughts that you have only had half-formed in your head is incredible and I am so wildly jealous. She's one of those writers that makes me think at least every two pages. 'yes I have been trying to properly describe that for years. Fine. Fuck. I give up. What is even the point with going on writing, etc.'

2. One of the things that she has the uncanny ability to describe has a lot to do with being gay, gay culture, the claustrophobic nature of it. I've joined LGBTs and I've been to gay bars, gay pubs, and a lot of the observations, of closing the door from the inside, of letting it define you rather than be a part of you, really rang home. Although Laurie is definitely turned off by the falseness of it all, I'm pretty sure Ralph's distaste has something to do with having a lot invested in traditional ideas about masculinity.

3. Fucking Ralph Fucking Lanyon, as I believe is his full title. As Del said "Ralph Lanyon is basically EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER WANTED FROM A CHARACTER so I can only apologise, really, in the most insincere manner possible" which is accurate. I love the fact that he's sauntered vaguely downwards, but in the most self-aware way possible, because he's in despair, but too bloody British and repressed to act that out in all but the most unhealthiest of ways. And he compulsively needs control, but he drinks as well, perhaps partly to relieve the compulsion? Thoughts? Thoughts from the group?

3a. "Like a drunk smashing a watch" fuck OFF Mary Renault GOD.

3b. Sexual orientation: Ralph Lanyon punching people in the face.

4. Andrew. A N D R E W. Silly twat.

5. I don't know if I love Andrew of I love Laurie's idea of Andrew. I did sort of permanently go off him a bit at Charlot's deathbed when he wouldn't pretend to be a priest to comfort Charlot. For all Andrew's goodness and genuineness, and all his timid loveliness towards Laurie, I find him a bit hard and inflexible. I'm much more with Laurie's more pragmatic kindness.

6. And then he leaves! Why must religion ruin everything.

7. Laurie's relationship with his mother as well is, again, a masterclass of uncomfortable truthiness. The wedding especially. As someone who has been to their own mother's wedding I can confirm this. (I was a sullen and difficult teenager at the time. We good now).

7a. I've not mentioned Laurie too much in this but just assume that I love him unconditionally. When he sits with Mervyn during the raid and Mervyn falls asleep on his shoulder my heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

8. Petition to reintroduce 'bitched up' as a common phrase.

9. Much too beautifully written. Much too insightful. Was in frequent danger of being thrown out the window while in states of high emotion.

That was a brief and badly-thought-through list of things. TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS, people who have read it! I want to have endless conversations about this book.
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