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I'm ninety-five. I'm not dead.

So apparently inCaptain America 2: America Harder, Steve's list changes depending on which country the film is shown in. In the version that we saw, we were treated to a weirdly specific au where Steve has a disproportionate obsession with British culture.


America, we do understand your cultural touchpoints. We literally cannot get away from them.

But Steve's Little Book Of Ignorance is great.

It plays into my deep and slightly angry love of stranded time travellers having difficulties. All of you have probably heard more than a few times all my issues with them. Specifically characters stuck way in the future.

It's actually a really good metaphor for a pretty universal experience - you can't go home again, the place that you think of at home now only exists in the past. You just have to make the best of where and when you are now. I think that's what gets me about Source Code as well, as that film makes me cry like a wheezing donkey.

Basically what I am trying to say is that I want 10,000 words of fiction of characters having time traveller problems on my desk by next Monday. Chop chop.


One of the arguments you don't hear very often for paperbacks over Kindles and Kindle apps is that it is much more risky to slam Kindles or iPhones repeatedly onto hard surfaces while making sad Chewbacca noises when the emotions get too much.

I'm about halfway through The Charioteer. Don't ask how it's going. 
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