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We've secretly replaced the regular coffee with a cup of lethargic bees. Let's see if they notice.

So I'm at that strange period in my life where I'm still freaked out by responsibility, but old enough that I'm starting to edge into a management-type position at work.

(Yeah that's right, I'm going to just start writing like I've not touched this thing for a year and a half. Deal with it.)

This week, where I've been pulled on to a few projects, I've had that moment of realising 'I'm the only one that knows how to deal with this. Oh shit I'm going to have to take charge'.

Does anybody actually want that moment?

I'm basically assuming that the rest of my adulthood is going to be this in various degrees. I can't imagine that sense of vertigo of realising that you're the most qualified person in the room (by default, last editor standing etc.) is ever going to go away.

In other news, our projector that we use for meetings has started to make sad mewling noises whenever we turn it on. Maybe it's just because it's on its last legs. Maybe it's developing sentience. WTNV has made me question these things.

Actually, while I'm talking about Welcome To Night Vale, the latest one, Visitor...
[Visitor]...was intense, wasn't it? I mean, Cecil has been sad before, but it's almost a cod, drama queen sad, which kind of fitted in with the surrealist tone of the whole thing. This is the first time he's sounded genuinely angry and upset and scared. And, horribly, it's the first time I've been really engaged with WTNV for a while.

Also let's talk about Inside No. 9, and the fact that I really really enjoyed it, but I spent the whole time going 'this is clever, isn't it?' and I don't know whether I would have enjoyed it more if I had just been sucked into the story. Did anyone else have that? I think I need to watch them again.

Tags: adulthood, inside no. 9, welcome to night vale, work

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