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Abandoned Fic Amnesty: Life on Mars

So I was looking through some of the old, unfinished fic on my computer, trying to find the third part of Bacteriology which has apparently fallen off the face of the earth hooray, and I found 20,000 words of Life on Mars fic that I had just - abandoned? Who even does that?

Anyway, I don't have the inclination to finish it and I can't even remember where I was going with it but it seems a shame for it to just sit on my hard drive, so I thought I would pop it up here as an abandoned fic amnesty thing....

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Charlie Crews

Have you ever looked at a tiger and thought you ought to put it in a skirt and little hat?

I attended wedding at the weekend! I do enjoy a good wedding, preferably from the periphery. A lot of the weddings I have seen or been a part of have been just the most spectacular ball-ache to organise.

I wore a dress that most people agreed was 'very blue'.

As a treat you can have a picture of the larger majority of my head (to the right). I'm invading the personal space of captainlogic

So I also feel like I've achieved something at work. I was asked to get some student blogs going for our University. I managed to recruit, vet, hire and train students, I pushed all the paperwork through HR and finance, and I made a god damn website to house the things in. (Thanks Squarespace! Thanks Answer Me This!). And now the students are writing blogs and being a delight to work with, and people are visiting the website and it is done it is d o n e.

But enough of this bullshit Emma, you cry, let's move on to more important topics - who is your favourite clone?

Very convenient you asked that I was just thinking on the subject. After a while of debating between Sarah and Alison I have come down on the side of Alison Hendrix as my most favourite. Alison, for those who don't watch, is an alcoholic control-freak with much too much invested in keeping up an acceptable persona in public, but whose life is slowly spiraling apart in front of her.

No, you're hilariously predictable.
Wonder Woman

“Yeah, but what if you went back and killed your own grandfather?" "Why the fuck would you do that?”

While I'm talking of sad, stranded time travellers...

(...Emma that was two weeks ago...)

WHILE I'M TALKING OF SAD, STRANDED TIME TRAVELLERS...Shaun Evans' Morse being stuck in modern day Lewis would be pretty great, wouldn't it?

Morse failing to deal with 2014; Lewis failing to deal with tiny young Morse. Hathaway could be the most well-adjusted for once.

...Morse and Hathaway getting on a little too well. Lewis despairing quietly in the corner...

I think what I am trying to say with this is that I am really enjoying Endeavour. I read something in The Independent about Shaun Evans not trying to imitate John Thaw's voice, so instead lifted the accent off Michael Palin, who came from Sheffield and studied at Oxford. I don't quite know why that is as ruining as it is.

Also I have finished The Charioteer. Collapse )

That was a brief and badly-thought-through list of things. TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS, people who have read it! I want to have endless conversations about this book.
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I'm ninety-five. I'm not dead.

So apparently inCollapse )

It plays into my deep and slightly angry love of stranded time travellers having difficulties. All of you have probably heard more than a few times all my issues with them. Specifically characters stuck way in the future.

It's actually a really good metaphor for a pretty universal experience - you can't go home again, the place that you think of at home now only exists in the past. You just have to make the best of where and when you are now. I think that's what gets me about Source Code as well, as that film makes me cry like a wheezing donkey.

Basically what I am trying to say is that I want 10,000 words of fiction of characters having time traveller problems on my desk by next Monday. Chop chop.


One of the arguments you don't hear very often for paperbacks over Kindles and Kindle apps is that it is much more risky to slam Kindles or iPhones repeatedly onto hard surfaces while making sad Chewbacca noises when the emotions get too much.

I'm about halfway through The Charioteer. Don't ask how it's going. 
Wonder Woman

We've secretly replaced the regular coffee with a cup of lethargic bees. Let's see if they notice.

So I'm at that strange period in my life where I'm still freaked out by responsibility, but old enough that I'm starting to edge into a management-type position at work.

(Yeah that's right, I'm going to just start writing like I've not touched this thing for a year and a half. Deal with it.)

This week, where I've been pulled on to a few projects, I've had that moment of realising 'I'm the only one that knows how to deal with this. Oh shit I'm going to have to take charge'.

Does anybody actually want that moment?

I'm basically assuming that the rest of my adulthood is going to be this in various degrees. I can't imagine that sense of vertigo of realising that you're the most qualified person in the room (by default, last editor standing etc.) is ever going to go away.

In other news, our projector that we use for meetings has started to make sad mewling noises whenever we turn it on. Maybe it's just because it's on its last legs. Maybe it's developing sentience. WTNV has made me question these things.

Actually, while I'm talking about Welcome To Night Vale, the latest one, Visitor...
[Visitor]...was intense, wasn't it? I mean, Cecil has been sad before, but it's almost a cod, drama queen sad, which kind of fitted in with the surrealist tone of the whole thing. This is the first time he's sounded genuinely angry and upset and scared. And, horribly, it's the first time I've been really engaged with WTNV for a while.

Also let's talk about Inside No. 9, and the fact that I really really enjoyed it, but I spent the whole time going 'this is clever, isn't it?' and I don't know whether I would have enjoyed it more if I had just been sucked into the story. Did anyone else have that? I think I need to watch them again.